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Ted X Indigenous Language Talk

Khelsilem shares the reasons we need thriving indigenous languages and how we can make it happen.

After watching this TedTalk, I was surprised to learn that not all Indigenous languages are dying. Some indigenous languages are gaining speakers. Khelsilem, the TedTalk speaker, stated that while some languages are growing, other smaller languages from smaller tribes are declining in speakers and dying.

He talked about how his grandma was sent to a residential school. He asked "what if the residential schools happened in reverse?" He commented on how the Indigenous people still do not have the right to teach their children in their ways and languages. Culture and language should be a right.

I found this Tedx talk to be very informative. It was a very steady-handed and factual talk. The speaker was passionate and did not rely on emotion to make his point. I think that passion is good when speaking, but some emotions like anger or sorrow may make people unreceptive to you.

I thought this was an excellent TEDx talk; I feel that I learned a lot about the different Indigenous Languages and how people are trying to fight their extinction.

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